Monday, September 15, 2008

The Day The Earth Stood Still Extended Preview Clip

An extended preview scene of the Day The Earth Stood still has been aired this Sunday night in front of the premiere of Fringe, JJ Abrams latest TV show. The science-fiction movie is more than promising:

Thanks to cinmablend we may have a sneak peek at the Day The Earth Stood Still:

Ok, this new version does not exactly respect the original plot. But so far so good: judging from this seven-minutes preview clip The Day the Earth Stood Still is going to be the real blockbuster of December 2008! Keanu Reeves is making a great Klaatu.

Yeap, I'm thrilled by The Day The Earth Stood Still: no joking!


Marcus Graci said...

Alright, this is what I have to say. If it wasn't for the original movie, I might find myself anticipating this movie. But the simple fact that I have seen the original and am in love with Sci-Fi flicks and have been disappointed in every Sci-Fi remake to date, I am not to eager to see this. First of all the plot and tone of the story is just not right, and Keanu Reeves is just too dumb for that character. If you check on my blog over the next week, I will post something about this movie and all other remakes of this genre.

hmj2008 said...

I agree with marcus graci
I am an avid SciFi fan and I had heard that there was a remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" This is one of my all time favorite movies. I always thought it was something to think about.

I'm afraid that the remake will be a bust like "War of the Worlds"(boring) "Body Snatchers" (comical) I haven't seen it yet so I will reserve judgement. But------if it turns out to be a bleeding heart, Eco-Nazi, global warming, Hollywood production, so help me I'll scream. I'm sick of hearing about it. We get it , we're working on it. For the love of God -- MOVE ON.
The fact that the alien simply turned off the worlds power, everything, to get our attention, was brilliant, thought provoking and totally horrifying.
I'm sure this one will be good, just thinking it should have a name of its own not remake of my old favorite. Oh, and thanks so much for the preview.

ShineFromTheInside said...

Just saw the movie today. It was phenomenal. How can anyone not love a movie with such a great message?!

Peace, Love & Light,