Monday, November 17, 2008

The Day The Earth Stood Still International Trailer

Gort the robot in The day The Earth Stood StillA new international trailer of The Day The Earth Stood Still has been released. It gives a better glimpse of the robot Gort.

He came to warn us.

We should have listened...

This year,
mothing can prepare you for


I am bit disappointed by this new trailer of the Day The Earth Stood Still. It looks goo right, but so much destruction, so much violence... Bye, bye pacifism! Welcome terrorism and mass destruction! Not that a great change...

Anyway it won't hinder me from appreciating this new version of The Day The Earth Stood Still starring Keanu Reeves.


Anonymous said...

This movie is a farce of the original Day The Earth Stood Still. I admire K. Reeves, and wish that he had not been a part of this movie. I was disappointed in it. I suppose that this will leave the original The Day The Earth Stood Still as one of the greatest films ever made and that this one will fade into obscurity! That is a shame, it could have been done so well.

Karen said...

I'd never seen the original before, but after seeing the 2008 version in the theater last week, watched the 1951 version the very next day so I could compare the two. Very hard to actually compare them, they were so different. I'd be hard pressed to call the new version a "remake" of the old version; it was more like they took a few of the more notable scenes and characters from the first one, and made a whole different movie that was just loosely based on the old one. *shrugs* Judging them on their own merits, as two separate movies, I found them both to be very entertaining.