Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Day The Earth Stood Still in December 2008

The Day The Earth Stood Still.The Day The Earth Stood Still is a remake of the classic 1951 sci-fi movie by Robert Wise.
Remakes of cult films are just crap more often than not.
But the presence of Keanu Reeves in the cast makes me confident that this movie will be of a high standard.
The movie should be released in December 2008.

Here the plot of the original movie, Keanu Reeves version should not be that much different:
Alien civilizations have been monitoring mankind: beacuse Earth is entering in its atomic era the aliens are scared that the warring nations will bring discord and violence to space.
So an ambassador, Klaatu (Keanu reeves), is sent to Earth in a flying saucer. A robot, Gort, comes with Klaatu to oversee his protection.
Landing on the Ellipse in President's Park, Washington, DC, Klaatu declares he has come in peace on a mission of goodwill but he is shot and wounded by a nervous soldier.
What will happens to Earth?

To help you wait for Keanu Reeves, enjoy the original movie (here).

And don't forget what Klaatu said: “Klaatu barada nikto!”


Anonymous said...

The movie is in production at the moment, at Simon Fraser University in the Greater Vancouver area. AS i type this the largest scene is being shot

Klaatu said...

If you're over there let's send us some pictures of the set of The Day The Earth Stood Still with Keanu Reeves.

It would be really appreciated!


Scotty said...

Dude...where's the trailer? If the music and Gort are 10% as good and if Neo does a decent Mr Carpenter/Klaatu then should be good. Gort Klaatu Barada..uhhmm..necktie..errr..nekkid.. nik nik nik swamp swamp

Anonymous said...

Anyone know who the artist is of the song in Trailer?